Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Magnet Spiders (Halloween decoration)

At the moment, I can't find this pin. I thought I had pinned it. Clearly I was mistaken. If you have it pinned on your board, will you send me the info? I'd appreciate it :)
It is extremely easy. While my oldest was at a birthday party, my youngest and I decided the house was not spooky enough and so we got out more decorations. That's when I remembered the spider magnet. We took some plastic spiders from all around the house and a pre-adhesive magnet and stuck it to the spider. That's it. Then we stuck them to our front door (inside only)

The other thing we did was the mini orange jack o'lanterns


We bought the mini oranges and with a black sharpie drew faces onto them. They've made for a great lunchbox treat at school and well a few of them are decoration until they are eaten,

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