Friday, October 5, 2012

No sew Halloween tutu

These are super easy and cute to make! With Halloween right around the corner the girls were looking for fun things for their American Girl dolls to wear and be festive.  We picked up some tulle at the store last weekend and since I was coming down with a cold, this was the perfect time to start.

What you need:

sewing machine or needle and thread)

Alright so the term "no sew" is kinda tossed around because well, there has to be some sewing or how would the elastic stay together? Start by measuring the elastic around the dolls waist. Cut it and sew it back together. Measure the tulle against the dolls waist to however long you want it to be. Fold it in half and cut it into strips.

Once you're ready place the tulle under the elastic and pull the ends through the top (look at the pictures because I think the cold is kicking in and I'm not as detailed as I could be.

See the top has a hole? the bottom will go through that.

Continue all the way around, changing colors when you need to.

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