Monday, April 9, 2012

American Girl arm brace

Pintrest Objective:
Original blog:

What you'll need:
White fabric ( I used an old hanes t-shirt) measuring: 6 inch by 8 inch (the original blogger says to cut two  3″ x 4.75 pieces)
The original blogger said to use tights... I found them hard to work with and got the same effect from the cheap fabric I have at home .Also it's more fun because you can change the color.

Cut your batting and white fabric the size of your choice. Take the tights or the fabric and cut them into strips. Lay the white fabric as your base, add the batting to the top. Next lay the strips of fabric all over the bandage lengthwise (up and down) This is the most annoying part...stitching  the  strips of fabric onto the bandage.

Once you're done, use the zig zag stitch and go around the boarder of the bandage. Test it on your doll and mark where the thumb goes, this was you can cut a SMALL square out.  Then zig zag stitch around. Lastly, add the Velcro in according to the length of the bandage.

My daughter would not let me write on the cast...soo we left it as is. Tomorrow I'm going to figure out the Hospital gown and leg cast ;)
 Now you're ready in case she breaks her arm!
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