Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mickey shirt for American Girl

Pintrest Objective: http://pinterest.com/pin/195765915022394344/
 Original source: esty.com

What you'll need:
Mickey Mouse emblem ( I made mine from a small Tylenol bottle and a quarter!)

Now this lady can be pissed at me alllll she wants. Chances are she does not give any of the money she makes off of that outfit to Disney, because she does not own the Mickey Mouse emblem. Although I admit her choices in fabric were awesome, I just have to use what I have and deal.
Moving on:
Using the basic pillow dress pattern I had from my other pin american-girll-doll-dress I folded the dress part in half, cut the back part down and the sides in about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in, hem the bottom of the dress up  I would actually recommend the back piece just be a rectangle.(to see how to pin the top, please look at the other blog, it's late and I'm sick :(   )

After you've folded the top front piece over, thread the ribbon through so that you'll be able to tie it off around the dolls neck halter top style. When you fold the back in thread a piece of elastic (I measured Elizabeth's back from side to side to get the number. I then check the the fit for the shirt and placed the Mickey emblem onto the shirt in the position and spot I wanted to have it show up & sewed it on.  My dress came out more pillow flowy than the original one, if you want it more straight than mine, slim the original pattern down. Also the original source's neck line is slimmer than mine. This can also be corrected when you print the pattern.

All in all this was a little harder to make than I was anticipating... being sick probably didn't help. Either way it came out really cute and Hailey adores it.

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