Saturday, April 14, 2012

2 Hair style

Pintrest Objective:

So I have thin and fine hair- it's not the prettiest thing to look at. I like to curl my hair, but it takes about  1/2 hour to do it. I have to already get 2 kids ready on top of that! So since it's Friday I decided to try something new to my hair. There is no original source to this pin, so I just followed the pictures and twisted and pin my hair up. About halfway through I started worrying about it. I did my make up and let it dry. While I was taking it out, it didn't uncurl and ended up frizzing as I took it apart. Then the ends of my hair were so small that it knotted- terrible. I had to re-wet my hair and refused to take a picture, sorry. I'm sure this works great for thick hair- not for fine hair.

So I did another hairstyle with my daughter:

Original source:

Hannah could only fit 3- probably because I thought if I made her pony tails any smaller it would hurt to take out.

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