Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pirate Day

For the Hat:
Pintrest Objective:
Original Source

I have no idea what lead my girls to act like pirates today. But it sure made for an easy pin day. Amazingly enough people have the instructions for a newspaper hat on pintrest. I swear one day we'll be able to find everything on there! So I grabbed my Sunday newspaper and quickly made two hats for the girls

First I cut about 1/4 inch off the end

then folded it in half

then brought the corners in towards each other

The folded the end pieces up on each side and taped together

I also added  the skull and cross bone

Spy Glass:
Pintrest Objective:
Original Source:

You need:
paper in same color

1) Paint your t.p roll the color of your cup, trace it onto the bottom of the cup and cut the hole out.
2)Then trace the bottom of your cup onto a piece of paper  and the t.p roll circle in that (it should make a ring once it it cut out). Glue that piece onto the t.p roll and insert into the cup from the top going into the bottom. The ring you made will make sure the t.p. roll doesn't fall through.

We Also made paper eye patches. All we did was cut black paper in the shape of the patch and taped string to the inside

My favorite part of Pirate day was Nora the doll decided to dress up too! hahah.

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