Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Coffee cozy

What you need:
Cardboard sleeve from coffee shop
a button
elastic (I used a brand new hair band!)

Teacher Appreciation week is upon us! and as room mom of my daughters 1st grade class, I couldn't help but want to keep things handmade.  Thankfully, her teacher is a coffee drinker like me and after seeing this pin, I knew I had to make it. Hannah chose the extra fabric from my bin and I cut it to the same size as the cardboard sleeves you can get from Starbucks.

I sewed the little ladybug button onto the cozy, put the fabric right sides together and sewed them up (making sure the hairband was facing inward with the right sides). I turned them right side out and gave them a top stitch so that I could close the open hole up without anyone being any wiser (until now).

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