Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduation Caps

It's the end of the year. After two years of speech therapy, OT and early intervention, Hailey is graduating to Kindergarten in the fall. I am going to miss this class so much, they are so wonderful and have helped Hailey immensely.  Since this is her last year and a couple of other kids we decided we were having a graduation party. I needed these ready first so that I could make all the other treats later in the week. Excuse the different colors- I'm making 6 all together.

What you'll need:
Construction paper
yarn or ribbon
lightweight cardboard (like a cereal box)

First thing I had to do was measure two pieces of construction paper to make 21 inches. You'll have to glue them together to get the right length. I also added a bit of packaging tape to make sure it's secure. When they were dry I folded it in half horizontally and cut them- this makes TWO for around the head. On "raw side" Clip 1-inch slits around the top of the tube and bend them inward to create tabs, measure around your childs head and tape together.

I used a cereal box (again you get two if you use both sides) to get the top of the cap to be sturdy. I didn't have construction paper right right size ( 10x10) and so yet again I was gluing two pieces together and then wrapping it around the piece of cardboard.

When everything is dry,  glue the  bottom tot he top, and tape the folds down to keep it secure. I weighed ours down to make sure the glue stuck.

    "Make a tassel for the cap by winding yarn four times lengthwise around a ruler to create 12-inch loops. Cut a 24-inch piece of yarn and tie it through the top loops of the tassel to secure. Slip the loops off the ruler. Clip open the bottom loops. Glue the tassel to the center of the cap."

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