Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crayon out of upholstery

Like most parents, I live in my car. We always have something to keep the girls occupied with on long car trips. This is usually portable DVD play and crayons and coloring books. Last summer I wasn't thinking when I pulled out a car seat and saw a crayon sitting on the seat. Needless to  say the crayon melted in the 100+ degree car. Allllllll over my nice light upholstery.

I took an extension corded iron to the crayon with a paper towel and was able to lift the big chunks out. Then I used a  carpet cleaner attachment and some sprays. I was able to get the brown and pink crayon out. But that nasty little yellow-orange refused to leave!

So I found this on pintrest and hoped it would work. I grabbed my husbands WD-40 and sprayed the stain, let it set and scrubbed a little. Then added the dish soap and again scrubbed and dabbed with a paper towel.

Sadly, My stain is still there. It is lighter...but still there!

I also tried the peroxide and dish soap and straight out bleach. That little buggar is staying until the end of the Earth!

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