Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fun with Strawberries 2 days in one

So I completely forgot to actually hit post yesterday- so I added a second post to the bottom

The first pin is using a straw to take the middles out- This can be useful when you want to cut the strawberries into chunks to put into I dunno say, my home made crepes. Literally all you do is push the straw through the strawberry toward the top and you're done.  The only problem I ran into with this one was when the straw would get stuck and then bend itself up.

My other pin for strawberries is:

All you do here is cut an X into the tip (tip) of the strawberry, pry it open (GENTLY!) and fill with some whip cream, sprinkle a little chocolate shavings or sprinkles on the top. Quick and easy dessert on a hot summer night.

I do NOT recommend combining these two because...well---this happens. LOL

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