Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY Stress Ball

Fill a balloon up with 1/4 cup of rice or sand. We tried to get ours big like the pictures- it wasn't working. We also don't own a funnel... I think after we filled it we needed to use it. This works great as a stress ball- we were going to give it to my husband as a joke, but Hailey decided it was a pinata....


  1. When I don't have a funnel handy for something like this, I use a paper plate, and just cut a slit from one side to the middle, wrap it around itself like a cone, then cut the tip off to make a hole, and tape it. Works great!

    1. Nice!! I should have thought of that. Too bad Hailey kinda popped it open about 5 minutes into typing that :)