Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Movie Gift Basket

It's almost he end of the year, I can't believe school is almost out. With parent donations I put together another small gift basket for our teacher to tell her thanks for everything she does. I chose a dinner and a movie theme. I know how much time teachers spend in the classroom away from their own families to take care of our children, and I thought this would be a nice gesture to her.

So I was going to make a popcorn box for the teacher, but I had no card stock. Buying it just for one sheet would have been expensive. So I found a popcorn container in the dollar section at Target and we were good to go. First I had to find out her favorite restaurant. Luckily my anniversary is coming up and I used it as an excuse to ask where she and her family like to go.  I zipped over there while out on errands and picked up a movie gift card also. At Wal*Mart they have the 98cent boxed candies (the kind you see at the theater) so I picked up two. With some tape I put them together so they would quit falling inside.

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