Monday, May 28, 2012

Pizza box soccer game

After having dinner last night (Costco pizza- score!) We decided to spend our Memorial day playing straw soccer. Since the Costco pizza box was big and we only had 3 piece of green paper we cut our box in half. Then glued  them down. THAT'S when I realized I probably should have cut the goal spots out first because it tore the paper up when we cut it out.  Using white paint (or what we had) we made the middle line and the circle for the face off (excuse my lack of technical terms). We added cut straws that for the goal post and cereal and hot chocolate lids for the advertising that you see on the field, which I thought was an extremely cleaver idea! Got out a pom pom and two more straws and let the girls play.

About five minutes after tat photo the girls quit and are saying they are bored :( It was a cool idea and would be fun for anyone, just apparently not my two.

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