Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ice Cream ABC matching game


 I was originally going to go the milk cap idea for the ABC lower and uppercase match up. It's been a month of saving lids and I'm almost there. Then I found this pin and liked it better (go figure). I started by finding an ice cream cone coloring page online and printed it out- just one.


Because then I traced the ice cream scoop 6 times on each sheet and cut them out 2 pages at a time. I needed 52 (two sets) to give one to Haileys teacher. Then I traced the cone the same way and added pencil lines diagonally going each direction to give it the "waffle cone look". When that was done I wrote very clearly either an upper or lower case onto each piece of paper.

To keep yours looking new, why not faux laminate them with some packaging tape?
Need an idea for learning to count numbers? try this one:

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