Friday, March 16, 2012

Pin Cushion for Sewing Machine

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So I had no idea what I was going to do today. Hailey isn't feeling well and she is napping and I'm kinda running out of ideas. I mean I can only eat so much food in one day people. Luckily I have pre-school for my extras ;)

I decided to make a pin cushion for my sewing machine because I kept dropping my needles when I would take them out while working on a project. Yes, I know I can leave them in...but I keep breaking the needles and I'm tired of buying new ones. So I am making this today.

What you'll need:
fabric (cut into a rectangle long enough for your sewing machine)
matching ribbon
batting or more spare fabric to stuff the cushion with.


If you haven't already cut the fabric into a rectangle to fit your sewing machine do that first...don't worry I'll wait for you...

Now you need to measure the ribbon around the arm of the sewing machine, I left a little extra (maybe 1/16inch) cut two.

Pin the ribbon on each side of the fabric and pin right sides together.

sew all but the hole of the fabric up. Turn right side out.

Stuff the pin cushion and close the hole off. Tie around your sewing machine and never step on a pin again! (Unless you're like me and will forget to use it, even though it's cool)

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