Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sugar Eggs

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Sugar Eggs are something I remember doing when I was a little girl.  My husband thought they looked like fun, so this weekend we were at Grandmas- a perfect kitchen to make a mess in. And it was just like I remember doing: my mom gets frustrated and tries to do the whole thing on her own terms telling me google is wrong....then was pissed that it was really her that was wrong. This was a two day pin, because it takes two days to make.

What you'll need:

For the egg:
3 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup powder sugar
1 egg white
Plastic egg molds

Royal icing:
8 cups of powder sugar
1 teaspoon cream of tar tar
5 egg whites, room temperature
gel food coloring
tips (star- 21)

Easter candies (we found chicks and eggs and bunnies at the dollar store)

 March 24th 2012

Combine all ingredients for the sugar egg- the mixture should feel like sand- it should NOT be too wet. Pack the egg molds  really tight- you do not want air and cracks. Level off the top. Invert the molds onto a tray and let them set in the mold. Release the sugar eggs and immediately cut an end off (this will be the part you "view" from) Set for about 30 minutes (touch- if they are too soft do NOT attempt to hallow.) let them set longer until the shell is kinda hard.

Hallow out the middle of the eggs using a spoon. Let rest over night.

March 25th 2012

Mix the royal icing together and add decorations. We dyed coconut green for grass, found erasers-yeah that was funny, and candy eggs and chicks.

After you're finished used some white royal icing to seal it closed. Add fancy decorations to the outside.


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