Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bunny Pancakes

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Today is officially Spring! Today after speech, Haily wanted pancakes. I could have thought of a better pin to use. 

What you'll need:
Pancake mix
2 zip locs

Mix together the pancake batter. It should be thick-not too thick, just enough to the point where you can draw with it. Scoop some of the still white batter into a zip loc bag and set aside. Dye the rest the color of your choice. Hailey's is green and put in zip locs.

While your skillet is still unplugged, Draw the outline  of the bunny in green. I forgot to spray my skillet...Now it's time for the fur around the mouth and inside ear. Ours were a little smaller than the original posters, so I didn't have to wait to fill in that part.
Next fill in the bunny all green (or whatever color).

Cook until done (again I didn't spray my skillet, so we lost a bit of our bunny)

Add M&M's for eyes and mouth. Enjoy for Easter morning or just because!

Verdict: Super easy and fun to do with my daughter!

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