Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Duck in a pond

Pintrest  Objective http://pinterest.com/pin/195765915022429105/
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I'm on a duck kick right now. Quite frankly is probably has something to do with Hailey's preschool getting ready to perform a duck play for us on Thursday. I saw this on pintrest and thought it was adorable and perfect for her class...but of course I had to test it out :)

You'll need :
* The original pattern. For Hailey's class I re-scanned the picture in and photo cropped more to the page to be eco-friendly. I also printed it on yellow paper to save time for the preschoolers
*Paper plate
*crayons (if you're printing on white) You'll at least need blue to color your pond.
*popsicle sticks
*paper plate 

Print the duck and color him. Cut out and glue to popsicle stick. Color the plate blue for the pond (Now I didn't have a paper plate- go figure. So I had to use paper and then a blue piece of paper as the middle. You could call this "cheating" however I figure I have to alter the original pic anyway so people don't come after me for "stealing" )you could also color the rim green to be the grass around the pond). An adult should cut a slit in the center of the plate, once your duck is safely glued on you can  slip him into his little pond :)

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