Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Leprechaun Visit

Pintrest Objective:

So like I said before, I thought leprechauns gave you chocolate coins on Saint Patricks Day so that you wouldn't look for his real coins. Well, I was wrong. Apparently they cause mischief (maybe Hailey should get into this business). So two days ago (three now) I prepared for his visit.Last night before we went to bed, I made a point for the girls to have to clean up their toys and their room. That way everything was clean and you would really notice the mess Lucky caused.

What you'll need:
Green WASHABLE paint
paint brush
green food coloring.

If you have hardwood floor throughout your house you are one very lucky person. I did not, and so I had to paint the feet onto paper and cut them out last night. Next I  made the feet walk to out bathroom. I added a few drops into the toilet bowl. Then I painted my hand again to make the feet on the toilet seat and then walk toward the toilet ( I worked backwards last night). This morning I decided the toilet paper needed to be unraveled, there were foot prints all over the toilet paper to show how he unraveled it.

 for some reason he walked through our tub...

I then took the paper footprints down the hallway to my kitchen where Lucky turned our open milk green.

He also emptied out a box of chips onto the kitchen floor

and unraveled the paper towels this morning and not only knocked over some chairs, but put them on out table. work deciding what mischief could Lucky cause other than what I found on pintrest?

Well, in my living room he pulled all the cushions off the sofas and threw popcorn everywhere. There is a hula hoop on the floor, where we are assuming he was hula hooping..

This morning, he also took the time to color some pictures of himself in a pot of gold throwing money in her air and a picture of my girls being smelly (they will think this is funny. I know them ;)  )

Our trap is turned upside down and a note reading, "Better luck next year! Lucky" was left under it.

So out trap did not work...We'll have to think harder next year. Maybe Hannah's multilevel idea will work best :)

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