Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chick finger puppet

Pintrest Objective:

Well it's Saint Patricks Day today and what the hell, let's make Easter chicks! hahah. Sadly, this does not have it's original source. Which truly annoys me because then I have to figure out either how to make it, or find another pin ooor find new directions and try to pull off the original at the same time. So that wastes a lot of my spare time.

What you'll need:
pen to make marks


1) Place your childs finger (or your finger) on the main color of the animal (or person) felt. Cut it out
2) So we're making chicks because we love chicks. I have my yellow felt and now I'm tracing a piece of white felt and trimming the pieces down to resemble the broken egg. You'll have to cut the white piece down more, but it's best to start with the same size as the yellow.

3)For the beak, cut a small orange triangle.

4)With black thread make two French knot for the eyes. Stitch beak and bottom of egg shell onto the top yellow piece of felt.

5) The top of the egg piece can either just be sewn on or sewing separately and attached by a loose thread to make the chick "hatch"

6) You can either sew the whole puppet closed with your sewing machine, or you can use the blanket stitch 

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