Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Leprechaun Trap

Pintrest Objective: http://pinterest.com/pin/195765915022361796/

So we decided that this year we were going to try to capture a leprechaun. We've never tried in the past. Just decorated. The leprechaun always left us chocolate gold at the end of our rainbow... now Hannah's in 1st grade and I'm learning that I need to step it up a notch. Apparently you try to catch the leprechaun and then they cause mischief through your house (another pin to be set up this Friday, the 16th).

What you'll need:
*A box
*Scissors to cut a door
*gold coins or something to entice the leprechaun.

We wanted a clean working surface for our trap, so we turned our chip box from costco inside out and re-taped it. Then Hailey smashed that... clearly it was not  going to be leprechaun resistant either... I added more tape- haha.

Color as desired. 

Hannah thought we should draw pictures of leprechauns onto the box to get their attention..which only made me think of the old WB cartoons where the characters dress up as girls to get the boys attention...

Hailey and I decided ours would probably want a massage from lugging gold all over the place.

Verdict: That was fun. Ours may not be as nice or fancy as the other posters... but we like it! Now lets hope we catch one!

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