Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter Egg and Bunny


So I admit, I'm running out of time tonight. it's 7:03pm and after waiting all day to make churros we made mickey-mouse-donuts because Bob in Fight Club had Krispie Kreme donuts. I'm also getting a cold, and not that I want to really complain (I can and will) but I know you're not interested. I'm just rambling because according to google Adsense I don't use enough paragraphs. Anyway since Easter is 2 weeks away I figured I better hop to it...get it? hop? Easter Bunny??  I'm pretty sure the Nyquil is working :

What you'll need:
The pattern from the original blogger, printed and cut out
felt in your choice colors
black beads (or thread)
ric rac

Directions: After you've printed and cut out the pattern, cut two piece of the pattern out onto your choice of felt. The bunny

was the fastest because you just add the eyes (either using small black beads or French knots) The blanket stitch the bunny closed:

Cut your choice in ric rac colors out to the shape of the egg. Blanket stitch closed.

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