Friday, March 23, 2012

Mini Princess cakes

Pintrest Objective:

My sisters baby shower is tomorrow...and well, if you haven't read how hectic that cake has been on me, you might. Looking back just from an hour ago it's something I can already laugh about. Anyway I was telling Hailey that if we didn't get the belly of the cake to work we would simply turn the "boobs" into dress skirts for her mini princesses. Well to her dismay the belly worked. I felt bad, but I had already used all my eggs with this cake. So I made a Vegan chocolate cake mix to fill the Wilton pan mold up again to make my two girls and niece a special cake for the baby shower.

My daughters have a TON of those princesses from target (the little ones that come with plastic dresses that always rip when they try to take them off? yeah those one. So I put them into the dishwasher while the batter cooked. There was NO way I was buying new ones. I let my sister know ahead of time to clean my nieces.

Make butter cream, dye the colors of your princess. I iced the main dress part of the cakes before putting the dolls in... I pushed her in a little farther than that after I took the picture.   Then I snipped a corner of a zip loc and covered the holes from where the body was pushed in (look by Snow Whites waist) then I added the chest colors. I'm a bit of a perfectionist for detail of colors (as much as I can get)

Snow White: Yellow, blue and light blue

Ariel- The first dress she wears as a human in Prince Erics castle.
White and pink

Belle: Yellow and bright yellow

Cinderella: blue and light blue

If you found this fun or helpful, please follow me. It gets a little lonely over here thinking that I'm talking to myself.


  1. Great job! I'm trying to brave up and make these.

  2. You can do it!!! Just make sure if you use a deep pan to lower the oven temp!!