Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bunny craft

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What you'll need:
Paper plate
pom poms
pipe cleaners
pink paper (for inside of the ears)
 white paper (also for ears)
Sharpie (or just black crayon)
So  with Eater a week away I've decided to make these cute little bunnies with my daughters feet. Because one day they will be teenagers and not want to look me in the eye. I don't have paper plates (if you didn't guess from the duck pond blog) So I'm making do with white paper cut out by tracing a dinner plate. HERE IS WHAT YOU DO: Trace your childs foot with the pink paper, cut it out and glue it to the white paper and then glue to the plate. While that is drying make the eyes (two ovals) and glue to the plate. Next take the pip cleaners and add to the middle of the plate to be whiskers and add pom pom as the nose. With a black sharpie add mouth. Yeah... I didn't have any of that. Well, okay I did but it is still packed and I'm too lazy to write on all the boxes clearly and I don't know where they are. So I made everything out of paper.

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