Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cupcake key chain

pintrest objective :

Now, there are no instructions for this, so I had to wing it.

What you'll need:
To draw your own patten. lol
key chain loop
ribbon (to attach to key chain

Hannah loves cupcakes and after two days of trying to learn to crochet  and make a hat in one day and having to give up twice and make something else that flops... Yeah I needed a day of "I know I can make that!!"

Sketch a "basic cupcake" top onto your choice of color frosting (Hannah loves yellow). Cut it out and find your bottom color. I placed my yellow onto the tan so that I would know a good size to make the bottom.

Now the tricky part was cutting out teeny tiny hearts. Stitch the hearts and button on (Hannah chose blue, because then it's like the cupcake was Snow White. Her favorite Princess.)

Cut a small piece of thread to use and loop it around the key chain hole.

Using the blanket stitch stitch all the way around the cupcake. Paying extra attention to the top where the ribbon is. You don't want it to fall off.

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