Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello Kitty key chain

Pintrest Objective:

So hers are a little more extravagant. This is what Hailey wanted though: An Ariel Hello Kitty...
Me: Um..okay.

What you'll need:
White felt (for body)
Your choice in color felt for clothes
Yellow, black and white thread
sharpie (optional)
key ring


1) Since there was no pattern, I went online and found a Hello Kitty coloring page. I made it small enough (not full page) and printed it out.

2) Next I took the white felt and traced the image onto it and cut it out.

Note: the original blogger cut the head and arms off separately.

3) With the colors you chose for clothing, trace the clothes and cut them out as well.  (ours are red, green and purple- Ariel colors)

4) With yellow and black thread I stitch on the eyes, nose and whiskers

 5) Stitch clothes onto body.

I chose to outline my Hello Kitty because I thought it made it look more like her.

6) Take your ribbon and cut off a small section, loop it through the key ring and attach to the top of Hello Kitty's head

7) Using the blanket stitch and white thread I closed the body up. Adding stuffing at the end.

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