Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY Mod Podge

Pintrest Objective:

So I really want some Mod Podge for a project I have in mind... I pinned this a while back with my project in mind. Today after being up since 4:30 am I decided, "why not?"

What you'll need:
Elmers Glue
empty jar

(for gloss finish add 1 tablespoon varnish) I wish I had paid attention to this part because I wanted it clear and don't own varnish. It doesn't make any sense to go buy any either. In the long run it would be cheaper to go buy it with a 40% off coupon at Michael's

empty out all of the glue into the jar

add the exact same amount of water ( I measured mine with a ruler and marked the bottle to make a fill here line) and shake it up.

Now this is where mine got confusing. I mixed mine and decided to test it. I drew a little picture and placed it inside an empty bottle cap. This was a fake project that I could test the mod podge for what I really want to do with it. I was glad I tested it because an hour later it was still foggy.

Right after I poured it:

Maybe an hour after I poured it. You can see that it is a little clearer:

In fact all last night it was still foggy. Then I touched it with my finger and it was still wet, so I lifted the piece of paper out and let some of the glue go under and replaced the picture.

Well, this morning (March 14th) I noticed it was clear FINALLY :

I decided to test it once again and put some more home made mod podge onto of the picture. I'll let you know tomorrow how it works.
twenty minutes ago:
 2 hours later:

Later tonight:

vedrict: It works. I think it would look BETTER if it had the clear varnish..but for 97 cents I can buy clear paint at Wal*Mart... I think I'll stick with it.

So  Today (March 15th) The "foggy" edges are gone and the picture it still glued in. It doesn't have that "bubble" look that I was going for and have seen with Mod Podge...I also don't know what kind they used (I'm assuming glossy).

Here is my glued on project:


  1. You can also use clear nail polish to seal it and give it a shiny coat, instead of buying clear gloss paint.

  2. Yeah, I ended up using puzzle glue.