Friday, March 30, 2012

Write on!

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Hailey will be entering Kindergarten at the end of summer and lacks the fine motor skills needed for learning her letters. Quite frankly she was born lazy...that sounds mean...let me start over: Hailey is a pretty pretty princess who gets everyone to do everything for her. Except me. I'm kinda mean (but hey that's my job. If people find out I'm nice it's nothing but work, work, work, after that ;) <--for all the Princess Bride fans out there). Anyway The real reality of it is that Hailey hates to do anything when told to. I saw this pin and hoped it would encourage her to write her letters so that she doesn't seem so behind when she starts kindergarten.

You'll need:
 a zip loc bag ( I used a gallon size so she could write bigger and also words)
duck tape

Empty paint into the zip loc bag. VERY carefully get the air out of the bag and seal. Next take a piece of duck tape and cover the top of the zip loc. Now your child can write their A B C's with their fingers or a paint brush (like a pencil, but won't puncture the zip loc)

verdict?: Hailey is very excited over using this- although I think she just likes the color.

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